18 July 2008

French Friday

This week seems to have a french theme....Well, actually if you've visited before, you'll notice I have a french theme most of the time. lol!
We have restocked our French Ribbon Roses!

I have been very inspired lately and thought to embellish these glass vases with a bit of.....you guessed it.....french ephemera. These are available in the shop today.

I have also added a couple items to our French Cupboard.

I wish everyone a beautiful weekend!


  1. Enjoyed your blog and shop

  2. Hi Andrea,

    Hope you are doing okay. Of course, I could not stay away from your sweet french shop. I did purchase some tags and roses. I love them soooo. I'm going to work them into my french rag books.
    I have two I am going to post on my blog tomorrow sometime. Hope you like them. Check them out and let me know which one you think is the best.


  3. Your blog is so, so pretty thank you taking the time to stop by my blog...Take care cathy xxx