01 July 2008

The Blue Bedroom

I thought today I'd share a couple pics of my Plain Jane bedroom. I only say that because I only have one picture hanging and one mirror...that's it...nothing else on the walls. But, I have to say that I really like the look. With the soft aqua walls, white bedding and very little other ornamentation it really has a spa or hotel feel to it. Plus, that way my 100+ year old blue framed french print stands out. I just LOVE that picture!....and the frame.....OH, the frame.....LOVE IT! I bought it a couple months ago in Walnut, Iowa, for a pretty penny, but to me, it was absolutely worth it. Do you see that lamp with the soft pink shade....that's one of my favorite lamps. I bought it at a thrift store and all I had to do was paint the gold base white and add my favorite shade to it. Cute huh?

This is my stack of vintage english eiderdowns. Another "thing" I like to collect. I really do have to start editing my collections, as I have soooo many! lol! Anyways, I just love using these at the foot of the bed, being I ususally have white or cream bedding, these really pop on my bed.

Ok, I know I now live in the midwest, but was born and raised in California all my life, up until about 3 years ago. With that said, if you walked into my home you'd think you were by the beach not the cornfields. lol! I LOVE shells! I have them scattered everywhere. In little bowls, big bowls, urns, huge ones on the coffee table and bookcase...Ok, are you seeing a pattern here...

Have a fantastic day!


  1. So, you grew up in California? WOW. I bet the midwest is a shock for you. I grew up in southern Indiana but lived in the northern states, Wisconsin, and Northwest Indiana until we moved to Texas. I love your bedroom. It looks so fresh and clean. I also like the lamp and picture. I only have one eiderdow throw and I love it. But its to warm for here.


  2. I love the color of your room! My whole house is in serious need of painting =) Have a great 4th! Blessings... Polly

  3. Hi Andrea,

    I'm so glad you like my french themed rag book. You'll be happy to know that I am using some of the items from your shop on the new book I'm making i.e. the tickets and one of the french word cards as well as possibly the pink french banner. When it's completed, I post it so you can see it. This one will have a French ballerina theme. Also, glad you like the poem. It is a favorite of mine and so true in many ways.
    Au Revoir

  4. I'd like to know what color you used on the walls and on the small vanity. I have a vision... and it seems so does everyone else lol but I can't quite get the right blue I want! Please help!

    1. Hi Meghann,

      The color I used on the bedroom walls is Aqua Pura by Behr.

      Hope this helps!