27 June 2008

Fabulous Friday!

Come take a peek at what's new! And don't forget to visit our other fabulous sellers at the Friday Flea Market. You can find them by clicking on the pink polka dot box in the sidebar. Have Fun!


  1. Andrea,

    I just received my package from you and I really liked the items!! Thanks so much for the "little something" extra. So sweet of you. I plan to use these items in my "Mes Petit Chiffon Livre" (My small rag book)

    Thanks, Will visit again.
    P.S. Love your blog

  2. Andrea,

    Glad you stopped by for a visit and glad you loved my blog. I too, love all things french and hope you will stop by for a visit anytime. I have been through Nebraska only once several years ago in the middle of March on our way to Colorado. I told me husband that I never knew Nebraska had such a beautiful sky and such green grass. We happen to see the sky filled with birds all migrating your way. What a beautiful sight. The sky was filled with them for as far as we could see!! Visit anytime.