06 May 2008

Farm Friends

I thought I'd introduce you to some extended members of our family. I've mentioned my farm family before and thought you'd enjoy seeing them in action.

Harley, Nico and Rico are our fainting goats. I love watching them play together (they like to rear up on their hind legs and butt heads) and when they run, because they are fainting goats, they run like they have wooden legs, it's sooo cute. We also have a bevy of feather friends to include chickens, ducks and Charlie our rooster. Our ducks Sammy, Scooter and Butterscotch are the newest members to our farm family. They were just introduced, about two weeks ago, to the rest of our gang, we wanted to wait until their "real" feathers came in before letting them loose.

These are just a few of the many reasons we LOVE the country.


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  2. love all of your farm pets =) cute photos! debbie

  3. Love looking at your farm animals.