12 May 2008

Freebie Sites

Check this site out for fabulous E-Cards. These E-Cards are made with vintage postcards and are absolutely FREE! The have all kinds of occasions like birthdays, holidays, themed, romance, regional (New York, Chicago, England, etc...) and did I mention they're vintage postcards. I did huh, just making sure your paying attention. Thanks to Polly for showing us this great site.

Polly also makes beautiful blog banners that are FREE too. Hers are great if your looking to snazzy up your blog and give it a great vintage feel. The fabulous keyhole banner above is one of her designs. Gorgeous, don't ya think!

I hope you all have some fun playing on these sites, I know I did.


  1. Thank you for such kind words!! I'm just tickled that you like the banners. =) Blessings... Polly

  2. thanks andrea! i'm off to go check 'em out... debbie =)